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Acer Aspire One (model no. ZG5) drivers are the most difficult drivers to find on the net. When ever we format the laptop/notebook after a slow running or any virus attacks, we can't find it's drivers to install the devices to function.

If you are using Acer Aspire One (model no. ZG5) Laptop/Notebook and searching for it's drivers after it is formatted, you can download all Acer Aspire One (model no. ZG5) drivers from here for free.

Please check the below links for the appropriate drivers for the devices installed on your Acer Aspire One (model no. ZG5).

Note:- You want to download all drivers for the device. And some of these drivers are not suitable according to the manufacturer. So the other driver listed here will function for it.

Bio Protection Authen Tec
Audio Realtek
Bluetooth Broadcom

CCD Bison
CCD Suyin
Card reader JMicron
Chipset Intel
LAN Marvel
Launch Manager
Modem Conexant 32bit
Modem Conexant 64bit
Modem Foxconn 32bit
Modem Foxconn 64bit
TV Tuner LiteOn
TouchPad Synaptic
VGA Intel 32bit
VGA Intel 64bit
VGA NV 32bit
VGA NV 64bit
Wireless Broadcom
Wireless Foxconn Atheros
Wireless Foxconn
Wireless Intel